Founder / Designer
French design Made in Portugal
Young Talent Award
Master of Science in Management and Marketing of Fashion and Luxury by MIA Barcelona

Sandra Landisch (Sandra da Silva Pereira) is a Portuguese fashion designer, born in Germany in 1988. The story of the LANDISCH brand started when Sandra, at the age of 6, moved to Portugal with her family, where she spent her childhood and most of her adult life. Always inspired by the world's beauty and its colours, Sandra showed an eye for fashion from a very young age, inheriting the love for sewing from her Grandmother. She designed and create her own dress and shoes with only 8 years old. In parallel she was also diving into the Hip Hop scene, dancing and rapping. She later studied fashion and started making a name for herself, creating designs inspired in her eclectic surroundings. The brand LANDISCH was created in 2011, born to inspire people to be more colourful, bold and audacious with their personal style. Late 2018 Sandra moved to France, where she continued to invest in her brand and collecting inspiration from the always vibrant French atmosphere. LANDISCH is now a French brand, proudly born in Portugal.




2010 - Fashion Degree in the Superior School of Arts and Design, Porto
2010 - Portugal Fashion Boom, Porto
2011 - Who's Next Prêt à Porter, Paris
2012 - Series of Collabs with Las Cucarachas, Oker, Mr. Dheo

2016 - Designed for Madame Gandhi USA tour
2017 - Collab with Reverie for his 17/18 Collection, LA2018 - Moved to France
2018 - HUF magazine interview

2022 - New brand identity by Dubrand Creative Lab
2023 - RE-BORNING CLASSICS Collection